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Finally doing it.  After 10 years of reading, loving, and developing webcomics, I'm finally starting one of my own!  Really happy to announce DOUBLE EDGED CROWN will be premiering this May. Look, look under the cut, it's my first poster!



This is a story I started working on in 6th grade.  It was horrible (mostly because I was 11) and it's completely evolved over the years.  We're talking from Magikarp to Gyrodos people.  The reason I've held on to it for so long is because there's something about this story, a conglomeration of all the books and movies I loved as a kid.  "Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chasesescapestrue love, miracles."  Now I'm finally reaching the point as an artist and a writer where I can share it. 
I'm really trying to effectively implement this whole social networking thing, get some noise going around this project before it starts.  After all, if I want people to read it, they have to know about it first, right? SO I'll be holding votes and competitions from now until launch. I've got 6 months and 7 main characters to introduce. I'll be releasing bios, development art, and Q n A sessions "with" the characters.

I'm taking in votes from twitter, facebook, tumblr, and my blog but I wanted to do a special post for LJ. 
So, LJ followers (who are awesome and I love you)  which of these characters would you like to learn about first?


As of now, the votes stand thus (and there's a 3 way tie for first, so HELP!)

Tannen: 2
Syleah: 3
Yr: 1
Crims: 3
Addy: 1
Mefi: 1
Vyllsk: 3