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Experience a (Mountain) Range of Emotions

THe roller coaster continues.  One day is up, the other I'm crashing.  Doing my absolute best to keep up a unified face for the team.  Actually had a social life this weekend--went putt-putt golfing with a bunch of people with my apartment complex.

-I got a cintiq!  It's ancient and only 15 inches but I got it for a steal of a deal.  More digital painting and a faster rate from here on out.

-Getting PAID to work on the film is like a miricle.  20 hours of computer modeling a bus that I actually got paid for.  YAY.

-Had a meeting with the animators themselves (about 9) and we had a blast of a time filimg live action reference for our short.

-The fight starts anew on Monday.  I've got to push for a shorter running time on th efilm which means cutting out entire shots.  This will make people very unhappy and they will yell at me, which will make me unhappy, but it MUST be done.

Goals for tomorrow--

Narration dialogue for Chasm written
Diagrams for "How the Machine Works" for Chasm finished
Color keys for 4 sequences turned over