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I love cooking almost TOO much. Slept into today (YAY Saturday) got up at 10, plopped right down, opened up Maya on my laptop and did not budge again until 6:30.  Working on the bus model for our senior film and it's not coming along too badly.

Ugh, there is so much I should be working on and there's no way I can finish it all.  I'm only on page 3 of 15 for the comic I have due on Thursday.  Week 3 of school starts on MOnday and I'm already slightly behind in 2 classes.  I'm staring off the semester at an absolutely breakneck pace and running on empty--send your prayers my way.

Some more info on our senior film!

I'll leave you with a sketch I did of Addison--.

Addison lives in her machine on the edge of the Chasm. She's been working on the thing for years and years, using the energy discharge from the machine to blast through the dark clouds obscuring the horizon and prove there's more on the other side.  At the heart of the machine is a double decker london bus hollowed out and turned into a workshop/living area. 
There used to be someone working with her, known only as the Artist.   He was the creative half of the team. The two of them basically fed off of each other, tech informing the art and vice-versa.  Complete opposites but absolute equals.When she figured out a new way to upgrade the machine, he would try like crazy to figure out a creative way to use it. Anything he dreamed up, Addison could pull off with her mechanical know-how. However, some years ago he was lost during an experiment gone wrong.  Addison has locked away all of her feelings concerning the Artist, and has stubbornly refused to go over to his side of the workshop, trying her best to ignore anything that reminds her of him.
 One of the things the art team is working on this semester is set-dressing the workshop area for these two characters.  The room is clearly divided in half, not by an actual barrier, but by the decor. 
 Addison's side is all straight lines, things stacked by size and type.  Addison is all about power, force, drilling through the chasm smoke--making the machine bigger and more powerful.  Her walls are very evenly papered with evidence of her work and newspaper articles about the expedition--like a giant game of tetris, there is no overlap.
The Artist's side is a different story, a creative mess that evolved in piles and pictures and paintings. There are still dishes sitting on the workbench, a half finished picture with the pencils laying on it, potted plants that ran absolutely wild until they died.  Most of his sketches and sculptures are heavily themed towards flight and dreams about "The Other Side".  Intricate models of birds and mobiles are tacked to the pipes and machinery running along the ceiling. 
Everything is faded--covered in dust, bleached out by the sun coming through the windows. This was someone who was really living life, always caught up in a new stroke of inspiration, chasing their next big project, and suddenly--gone.  It's like a snapshot of a lost life.

ALSO my friend Lindsey drew a sketch of the artist himself!  I am absoLUTELY in love with him.  We never see him during the film (just hear his voice during the narration while Addison remembers him).  I can't believe she drew him so close to how I pictured.