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Just finished my morning workout.  Should have been 45 minutes but about 20 minutes in I started blacking out. ???  Didn't faint or anything but my sight went all TUNNEL VISION TO BLACK and my ears started ringing like crazy.  After the third time it happened I was like, "Ok, body, I'm listening." so I skipped straight to cooldown.  I'll eat a big breakfast--should be fine.  It was just really weird.

The weekend was good. Last weekend of my last summer vacation EVER!  That's right, as of today I am a big, bad COLLEGE SENIOR set to graduate THIS APRIL!!!  WHOO-HOO!  At nine I have a job interview for a professor on campus.  I thought it was going to be a real on-campus job, 20 hours a week.  He let me know this weekend it would just be 5 hours a week...girl can't live on that!  There are a few more avenues of work opportunity I'll be persuing today--I'll let you know how it turns out.

AND at 1pm we have our very first Chasm dailies of the semester!  "Dailies" is a term from live action filmmaking that refers to watching all the footage shot that day (Fact: For Lord of the Rings, Dailies could last as long as 4 HOURS.)  In animation dailies are usually scheduled once a month early in production, shifting to once a week, twice a week, as many times as needed the closer you get to deadlines.  Right now, we're at the once a week stage.  Yup, every Monday from 1-3 the crew gathers in our theater to view and critique where we are on the film.

It's the first time the faculty has seen our work from the summer.  I am understandably nervous--they can be very harsh judges.  We're unvailing quite a number of new stuff including our deadline schedule for the coming 2 semesters.  YES our film is going to FINISH by Saint Patricks Day giving everyone a lovely gap of 3 weeks to catch up on everything they left to the last minute before finals in April.  

True Story: Student Academy Awards deadline is April 1st.  If we win 1st place gold, that makes our film eligible for the REAL Academy Awards. When I get major stressed, I picture the gown I'm going to wear at the Oscars.  Makes me feel all better  :)  A few weeks ago I spoke with the producer of the last senior film, Estefan, and she said she did the EXACT same thing.  Because they missed the deadline this year, Chasm will be competing against Estefan in 2013.  Since the Academy doesn't like the whole film posted online before the competition, here's a preview clip of ESTEFAN!


Yeah, I'm nervous but I think Chasm will do great. Here's the newest piece of concept art done by our lead, Lindsay Alvord.

Our films are very different both in style, theme, and content.  It'll be interesting/exciting for sure!