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30 Days Left

I'm in a bit of a funk and missing a ton of classes and falling woefully behind in calculus but GORRAMMIT I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS MOVIE ON TIME.

Some images from utterly talented crew memebers--

Finally doing it.  After 10 years of reading, loving, and developing webcomics, I'm finally starting one of my own!  Really happy to announce DOUBLE EDGED CROWN will be premiering this May. Look, look under the cut, it's my first poster!

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Start spreading the news...

One hundred and fifty three days until graduation.

One hundred and NINETY days until I launch my webcomic!


I know I've been deaddddd on all internet but tumblr, but after graduation you all get me back and I'll be SO IN the Bleach fandom and I'll be SO PRESENT and COMMENT ON ALL THE THINGS and stuff...

Sep. 24th, 2012


Ok, I feel a little better.  Still hate Mondays.

Experience a (Mountain) Range of Emotions

THe roller coaster continues.  One day is up, the other I'm crashing.  Doing my absolute best to keep up a unified face for the team.  Actually had a social life this weekend--went putt-putt golfing with a bunch of people with my apartment complex.

-I got a cintiq!  It's ancient and only 15 inches but I got it for a steal of a deal.  More digital painting and a faster rate from here on out.

-Getting PAID to work on the film is like a miricle.  20 hours of computer modeling a bus that I actually got paid for.  YAY.

-Had a meeting with the animators themselves (about 9) and we had a blast of a time filimg live action reference for our short.

-The fight starts anew on Monday.  I've got to push for a shorter running time on th efilm which means cutting out entire shots.  This will make people very unhappy and they will yell at me, which will make me unhappy, but it MUST be done.

Goals for tomorrow--

Narration dialogue for Chasm written
Diagrams for "How the Machine Works" for Chasm finished
Color keys for 4 sequences turned over

Life Lately

So, I love cooking.  I like making my own birthday cakes and hosting big dinners and cooking desserts and meals and new recipies...so now I've started a tradition of cooking for my sisters on their birthdays. Lauran got yellow curry, Mikelle got white chocolate rasberry strudel, and tonight Emily got hers, a peanut butter fudge brownie yumminess.

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Ok, now that graduation is finally sorted (YESSSSSSSS) It's time to figure out what the exact plan is.  Two things I absolutely want--another stretch at Walt Disney World and a start at a new studio. Problem is, those things may be mutually exclusive.

Looking back into the time frame for auditions and internship seasons at Walt Disney World entertainment. Did a 8 month stretch there back in 2009 and have been dying to return ever since. (BEST job ever. Make people happy everyday.) Originally I was going to return to Walt Disney World for 8 weeks, April--June/July and start a professional animation internship at a California studio in August.  However, I'm definitely not in good enough shape to qualify for parades by the October auditions.  3 years of sitting in a basement lab working on a computer will do that to you.  

Problem two: See, I want to get a storyboarding or concept art position. My art skills are not at the level to get the internships at the studios I'd want (Dreamworks, Pixar, or Disney) With all the work and time I'm putting into this senior film project, Chasm, I'm not going to have the time to work on my own portfolios in time for the March deadlines.  I mean, the film doesn't even wrap until Sain't Patrick's day.   This is not a shocking development--I've known things were gonna turn out like this. I need a break after school, time to really work on my art and ONLY my art.

Problem three: If Chasm is accepted to the Student Academy Awards, the awards ceremony would be in early June, clashing directly with either my Disney internship or my (hopeful) studio job.

SOLUTION: Turns out, after some digging, that some studios offer January internships.  If I took the longer Disney internship that starts in late June and ends in January.  EVERYTHING FITS.  I'd have 6 months in the best place on earth to have a sketchbook (architecture, plants, animals and a million new tourists a week from all around the world) to work on my portfolio.  Auditions wouldn't be until April, giving me a semester and a half to get back into fighting..um, I mean dancing shape, and if by some lovely miracle we place at the Student Academy Awards, I could still make it to the ceremony.

It's all working out...I'm feeling good.  Fingers crossed everyone.  After all, it's Monday tomorrow and those rarely go well.


I love cooking almost TOO much. Slept into today (YAY Saturday) got up at 10, plopped right down, opened up Maya on my laptop and did not budge again until 6:30.  Working on the bus model for our senior film and it's not coming along too badly.

Ugh, there is so much I should be working on and there's no way I can finish it all.  I'm only on page 3 of 15 for the comic I have due on Thursday.  Week 3 of school starts on MOnday and I'm already slightly behind in 2 classes.  I'm staring off the semester at an absolutely breakneck pace and running on empty--send your prayers my way.

Some more info on our senior film!
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Things are getting better.

After the most horrendous, stressful, awful first week of school I have EVER had, things are flipping back to the good side. I GOT A JOB. After 8 months of busting my chops on this project (and getting FIRED from my last job because of all the time I took off to work on the film, yeah it's been a scary month) the budget has finally been approved for the department to hire me on as a student employee. YES. Also, I've figured out my graduation conflict so I am graduating ON TIME!!!.

So here I sit on my living room couch holding my 3 mo. neice.  She's sleeping in my arms and it's just lovely (I'm bbsitting while my siser and her husband head out to a dinner for graduate students)

My sister is getting her Masters over the next two years and I am so proud of her! Our family and her husbands family live real close so we all take turns watching baby Rosie. Tonight I'm up on the roster!

Things are back on track and working. Just keep swimming.

The Sybil's Tears

Reading the excerpts/goodies from Death and the Straberry provided to us by the LOVELY ladies at deathberry, I am ASTOUNDED by the little headcanons I've accepted that are now ACTUA cannonz thanks to this book.  GinRan and IchiRuki bits that make my heart absolutely soar! 



Just finished my morning workout.  Should have been 45 minutes but about 20 minutes in I started blacking out. ???  Didn't faint or anything but my sight went all TUNNEL VISION TO BLACK and my ears started ringing like crazy.  After the third time it happened I was like, "Ok, body, I'm listening." so I skipped straight to cooldown.  I'll eat a big breakfast--should be fine.  It was just really weird.

The weekend was good. Last weekend of my last summer vacation EVER!  That's right, as of today I am a big, bad COLLEGE SENIOR set to graduate THIS APRIL!!!  WHOO-HOO!  At nine I have a job interview for a professor on campus.  I thought it was going to be a real on-campus job, 20 hours a week.  He let me know this weekend it would just be 5 hours a week...girl can't live on that!  There are a few more avenues of work opportunity I'll be persuing today--I'll let you know how it turns out.

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